The experience of five generations in rice cultivation has paid off best in the “Grange” area (surrounding agricultural land of Vercelli), where the Perinotti family has dedicated its efforts to improving farming conditions on our estate, the Tenuta Pracantone.

We made a unique choice: investing in quality, experimenting and adopting agricultural methods with minimal environmental impact, whilst rediscovering the most traditional and valuable varieties of this precious cereal crop.

Until just a few years ago, Italian rice cultivation focused on quantity and on the indiscriminate use of chemical fertilizers and agrochemicals, thus compromising the quality of the crops and endangering the species typical of these wetlands. Only the introduction of a less aggressive form of agriculture allowed the endangered Grey Herons (Aironi Cenerini) to repopulate the paddies. And it’s precisely to those majestic birds that Michele Perinotti chose to dedicate Risi&co, the company he leads with enthusiasm and passion, and where he carries out continuous research in order to achieve his vocation: bringing to the tables of foodies from around the world the protagonist of the perfect risotto and all its many interpretations, with #alcentrodituttoilriso (rice at the heart of everything).

Today, the company’s expertise and know-how have expanded, thanks to the involvement of new partners dedicated to selection, research and production in the field, and marketing communication of the product. With one constant feature: a passion for our work!

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