We have launched the first handcrafted rice bars produced in Italy: Rice-Bar, made with brown rice, is available in two types (red fruits and nuts, cocoa beans and flax seeds) and is the result of a collaboration with Marco Bianchi, chef by vocation and science populariser from the team of Professor Umberto Veronesi.

Simple, natural, and made of just a few ingredients (brown rice, rice syrup, dried fruit and seeds) the healthy rice bars are created to meet the needs of a market lacking this type of snack. No added sugar and gluten-free!

PACKS: 30 g


I was looking for a company to help me fulfill a dream: to create an Italian snack, whole and healthy, and I have finally found it! The gliAironi company is a sort of home kitchen with large-scale production - thanks to them, the Ricebar has become a delicious reality, simple and genuine. Marco Bianchi

Wholegrain rice bars with figs, almonds and flax seeds


Wholegrain rice bars with coconut, papaya, banana and ananas


Wholegrain rice bars with coconut, cocoa beans and sunflower seeds


Wholegrain rice bars with plum, pumpkin seeds and goji berries


Wholegrain rice bars with mixed berries

Blueberries, raspberries and currants are among the ingredients of these bars, with the slightly tart taste that is typical of mixed berries


Wholegrain rice bars with cocoa beans, hazelnuts and flax seeds

Handcrafted with selected raw ingredients, this bar has a slightly bitter taste, typical of hazelnuts and cocoa beans

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