gliAironi means, first and foremost, rice. This staple cereal is produced in an eco-friendly manner, with techniques that rely on traditional wisdom. The rice is supplied in vacuum-sealed packages, or together with the ideal ingredients for easy preparation of the best possible risotto.

Our gliAironi production also includes flours, biscuits and dried fruit – all those products on which the Italian culinary tradition, renowned for its creativity and attention to raw materials, bases its best recipes.

With the ART&FOOD line, we wish to offer a cutting-edge ingredient for chefs’ signature interpretations.

The whole range of products, produced in the Lignana plant, is available to purchase at our factory shop overlooking the rice fields of Vercelli.


One of the key elements characterizing our production is the focus on manufacturing and preservation techniques. One example is the system IpoDry®: conceived and patented by ourselves, it is a packaging method which allows us to maintain unaltered the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of our products, without using preservatives. IpoDry® prevents the contact of food with air (and therefore oxidation and humidity absorption), ensuring its freshness for up to two years.

The line of gluten-free cookies is derived from a knowledge of the biochemical principles of starch gelling and aims at being delicious, in a market often known for which ingredients are missing rather than for the selection and tastiness of the ingredients actually included .

The WELLNESS line, which includes rice bars, also centres around the main ingredient of rice, with a focus on the most popular healthy ingredients without ever forgetting tradition, even in this very specialized field.

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